Rapid Reporting Tips

Do or Die

You must score at least 54/60, giving an overall mark of 6/8

If there is no abnormality after checking review areas, tick normal and move on.
If unsure, tick normal and mark to reassess later

Numbers game (but do not rely solely on this, only a rough guide)
Usually between 12-18 abnormal
Anecdotal abnormals ≥ normals
Aim 15 abnormals = high chance of a PASS
Once found 15 abnormals, quickly check answers to see if written what is intended

If unsure

Have I seen this before?
Would I put this in a textbook?
If none of the above, normal


Not spotting the abnormality immediately, go for review areas
Spotting but dismissing real abnormality – undercaller
Calling normal abnormal – overcaller
Keep track of errors – trends emerge
Time pressure = careless mistakes

Review Areas

3 types
Standard review areas, example lung apex
Golden spots, example base of 5th metatarsal fracture
Personal blind spots


Name the side right or left
Avoid abbreviations
Never give differential diagnosis